Pavlos Panagiotidis



Solo Exhibition

Peter Brook has written that any empty space can be called a bare stage. Does the same premise apply to cyberspace? What if every empty online space can be seen as an empty stage? If someone walking across space and someone watching them are all it takes for an act of theatre to engage, does that mean that someone posting on a social media platform and someone seeing the post are all it takes for an act of cybertheatre to engage? In a project that started before COVID-19 outbreak, but now seems more relevant than ever, Pavlos Panagiotidis explores the possibilities of devising, directing, acting and spectating in cyberspace.

June 22 - June 25, 2020​

6.00 p.m.

Brink Festival 2020

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

University of London


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What is Doomscrolling


In Doomscrolling, spectators are invited to follow the social media footprint of two characters for 45 minutes and interact with them, if they feel like doing so.

To engage with Doomscrolling, audience members will need to use their Instagram account (or create one), and access the performance through the Instagram app on their mobile device. It is advised that the device will be connected to Wifi.

After registering for the event through eventbright, audience members will receive an email with detailed instructions, that will include following three Instagram accounts.

For more information about how to engage with Doomscrolling, you are welcome to contact us on

Age Guidance: 18+

Content warning: adult content, sensitive subject matter (drugs, suicide), swearing, sexual language